Rosette Ballet



Give your kids a solid foundation of technique and skill in the art of dancing.

Dance Teacher

Angelo Ruggieri 



Friday @ 10:30 - 11:00am 

Saturday @ 10:00 - 10:30 am 

Drop-in: £10 

£80 for 10 classes, to use in within 6 months. Simply book online each class when suit you.

Before you come to the studio

. No shoes are allowed on the dance floor, as the studio will be fully sterilised before the class.

. One parent only is allowed to stay on the dance floor to support the kid.

. Family members can enjoy watching the class in our lounge.

. don't need to bring food, we will always finish the class with treat time! ( bananas, apples )

. Private car park available 

. Prams must be left outside.

Parents Feedbacks


. We have only been to a couple of classes but we both love them. We have been made to feel very welcome by the Teacher and the other mummy's and babies. 

The environment is perfect, clean, tidy, warm and ready to dance. 


. Thank you, Angelo, for the Frozen party.

C. enjoyed it tremendously.  She enjoys your dance classes very much and you are very patient and generous with the treats for the kids.


. I think the lessons are fantastic - you are so patient and enthusiastic which is really important at this age! I think the format of the class and music selection is perfect. 


. My feedback is all positive. Specifically that you have great patience with your little dancers and recognise that sometimes they will do what you want but mostly they won't! 

I like how you do the same exercises in each class and only introduce one or two new things each session. 

You appear very natural with the children and have quickly worked out what they enjoy  (E.g. The high fives and tidying up).

No suggestions for improvements.

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