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Adults Ballet Classes



Improve your posture and balance, develop athletically, improve your grace and poise and meet the technical demands of ballet technique.

Ballet method

Agrippina Vaganova (Russian Dance Technique) developed a definitive method of classical ballet, uniquely incorporating practices from France, Italy and Russia. This eponymous method is known for its softness and fluidity and is practised globally. We predominantly use Vaganova, but we also sometimes include Italian Style and American Style.

Single Class: £12 or part of the membership option

Beginners Ballet: Tuesday 8:15 pm (this class works toward ARBTA exams).

Intermediate Ballet: Tuesday 7:00 pm (this class works toward ARBTA exams).

Intermediate  with or without pointe: Thursday 7:30 pm (this is an open class).

Beginners  with or without pointe: Thursday 8:30 pm (this is an open class).

Beginners & Intermediate: Sunday 11:00 am (this is an open class).


This is an adult dance course and involves the study of a precise syllabus that is mainly studied and designed for this style of dance. 

This is a course that requires the progressive study of the VAGANOVA Ballet Syllabus commencing from September to June of each academic year.

If you wish to learn proper ballet techniques, we strongly recommend keeping your attendance constant.



After completing the course, you will receive a certificate by attending the ARBTA exams.

The ARBTA is an accredited member of the BDQT – Board of Dance Qualifications and Trainings, Ofqual & GQual + UCAS Points.



If you have never danced ballet before, simply wear comfortable clothes like leggings, T-shirts and socks.


Students feedback​

Angela H

Angelo is such an amazing teacher! Forget Pineapple and Danceworks, come here, and you get a teacher who cares about you. 


Rocio H

Fantastic school! The teachers are super professional and dedicated, they really care about their students and focus on technique. The environment is amazing, super friendly. There are different dance styles and all levels from beginners to advanced. There is a class for anybody who loves dancing and wants to learn! I definitely recommend it.


luciana C

I love the time I spend at the school, the teachers - Angelo and Cindy - are very professional. The classes are never boring, besides the exercises we also prepare shows at any time of the year. This is quite unusual but just exactly what I was looking for! Great school!


Anjaili L

Great school! Professional teachers, nice environment, I'm feeling being cared at all time! And they provide a chance to performance at public!


Alessandra M

Fantastic studio! the teachers are great, if you want to study proper ballet JUST COME HERE!


“ECD gave me so much: a dancer’s vocabulary, working knowledge of steps that actually come up in auditions and most of all a passion for self-expression through movements.” 


—  Joe Leather - Lead vocalist in Frankie’s Guys, Ms Balmoral/Potters Theatre Company

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